Dog Walking/Backyard Visits

One-on-One Time

Does your pup need more personalized attention? Dog Walking is a great option for social interaction and burning off any pent-up energy! Whether its one pup or more, we'll ensures they will have a fun and safe experience! All visits include a fresh bowl of water, treats and distribution of medication if needed. Walking packages available! 

Visits starting at $15

Dog Training

Class Is In session

Looking to change your pet's bad habits and develop better ones? Our training services are for you! We goes over puppy training, basic commands and any behavioral issues you may be facing. Training packages available!

Pet Sitting

Cuddles, Not Cages

When you go to work for long hours or travel for vacation, who do you trust to care for your pets? We are passionate about providing extra TLC to the pets in our care. We take the stress out of having to leave your furry, feathery or scaly family members home alone.

Please contact to discuss the best options for your pet(s)

Baldwin, NY, USA

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